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  • Interleukin-1β Reduces L-type Ca2+ Current through Protein Kinase Cε Activation in Mouse Heart
    Nabil El Khoury, Sophie Mathieu, and Céline Fiset
    J. Biol. Chem., Aug 2014; 289: 21896 - 21908.

  • Sequential combination therapy of ovarian cancer with degradable N-(2-hydroxypropyl)methacrylamide copolymer paclitaxel and gemcitabine conjugates
    Rui Zhang, Jiyuan Yang, Monika Sima, Yan Zhou, and Jindřich Kopeček
    PNAS, Aug 2014; 10.1073/pnas.1406233111.

  • Prostaglandin E-Prostanoid4 Receptor Mediates Angiotensin II–Induced (Pro)Renin Receptor Expression in the Rat Renal Medulla
    Fei Wang, Xiaohan Lu, Kexin Peng, Yaomin Du, Shu-Feng Zhou, Aihua Zhang, and Tianxin Yang
    Hypertension, Aug 2014; 64: 369 - 377.

  • Chemically Modified Peptides Based on the Membrane-Proximal External Region of the HIV-1 Envelope Induce High-Titer, Epitope-Specific Nonneutralizing Antibodies in Rabbits
    Vincent J. Venditto, Lindsay Wieczorek, Sebastian Molnar, Fernando Teque, Gary Landucci, Douglas S. Watson, Donald Forthal, Victoria R. Polonis, Jay A. Levy, and Francis C. Szoka, Jr.
    Clin. Vaccine Immunol., Aug 2014; 21: 1086 - 1093.

  • Identification of Noninvasive Biomarkers for Nephrotoxicity Using HK-2 Human Kidney Epithelial Cells
    Sun Young Kim, So-Jung Sohn, A Jin Won, Hyung Sik Kim, and Aree Moon
    Toxicol. Sci., Aug 2014; 140: 247 - 258.

  • An Alphavirus-Based Adjuvant Enhances Serum and Mucosal Antibodies, T Cells, and Protective Immunity to Influenza Virus in Neonatal Mice
    Syed Muaz Khalil, Daniel R. Tonkin, Andrew T. Snead, Griffith D. Parks, Robert E. Johnston, and Laura J. White
    J. Virol., Aug 2014; 88: 9182 - 9196.

  • HIV-1 Infection Induces Interleukin-1β Production via TLR8 Protein-dependent and NLRP3 Inflammasome Mechanisms in Human Monocytes
    Haitao Guo, Jianmei Gao, Debra J. Taxman, Jenny P. Y. Ting, and Lishan Su
    J. Biol. Chem., Aug 2014; 289: 21716 - 21726.

  • Host Defense Peptide Resistance Contributes to Colonization and Maximal Intestinal Pathology by Crohn's Disease-Associated Adherent-Invasive Escherichia coli
    Joseph B. McPhee, Cherrie L. Small, Sarah A. Reid-Yu, John R. Brannon, Hervé Le Moual, and Brian K. Coombes
    Infect. Immun., Aug 2014; 82: 3383 - 3393.

  • Integrin-Mediated First Signal for Inflammasome Activation in Intestinal Epithelial Cells
    Josephine Thinwa, Jesus A. Segovia, Santanu Bose, and Peter H. Dube
    J. Immunol., Aug 2014; 193: 1373 - 1382.

  • CXCL1 Inhibits Airway Smooth Muscle Cell Migration through the Decoy Receptor Duffy Antigen Receptor for Chemokines
    Laila A. Al-Alwan, Ying Chang, Simon Rousseau, James G. Martin, David H. Eidelman, and Qutayba Hamid
    J. Immunol., Aug 2014; 193: 1416 - 1426.