CSR Policy

AnaSpec is committed to adhere and fully adopt the ethical code of the Kaneka Group. AnaSpec is committed to improve continuously the process and practices of our policy based on "Zero tolerance".

Kaneka Group will fulfill our corporate social responsibility through the materialization of our corporate philosophy with the earnest and forward-looking efforts of each employee.

  1. We will strive to fully understand the cultural backgrounds, manners and customs of the countries and regions where we do business as a means of actively contributing to local societies and communities.

  2. We will abide by all relevant laws and regulations and, in undertaking our business activities, conduct ourselves in a fair manner based on free competition.

  3. We will place high priority on communicating with all our stockholders and stakeholders, and will disclose all pertinent information.

  4. We will respect the personalities and individuality of all our employees to support and encourage the development and utilization of their abilities.

  5. We will uphold safety as the top-priority concern of management as we dedicate our best efforts to securing a sound and safe workplace environment, offering safe products, and working to protect the global environment
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