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New Headquarters in Fremont, CA - April 28, 2009

AnaSpec's New Headquarters in Fremont, California

AnaSpec has announced the launch of its new headquarters in Fremont, California.

Rapidly expanding over the past 16 years, AnaSpec has graduated to a state-of-the-art facility designed from the ground up for the very highest levels of lab and R&D production. The 44,010 square foot facility offers all top of the line lab/R&D equipment and services. All divisions will be housed under one roof for increased operational efficiency. The design and construction of the building are optimized for full compliance to all environmental and safety codes.

Asked to describe the new facilities, AnaSpec's purification manager responded, "It's like heaven."

“We are proud of and grateful for this amazing new space,” stated AnaSpec president, Dr. Anita Hong, “We have always prided ourselves in providing world-class products and services, now we have a facility to match.”

Until further notice is given, all AnaSpec contact info (including mailing address and phone number) will remain unchanged.

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