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Meeting with Mayor of Fremont - January 4, 2010

Director of Sales & Marketing - Violeta Rajkovska, Fremont Councilmember - Bill Harrison, Fremont Mayor - Bob Wasserman, President - Dr. Anita Hong, CEO - Dr. Frank Hong

In a continuing effort to build strong relations with the city of Fremont, AnaSpec's President, CEO, and Director of Sales & Marketing had a productive lunch with Fremont Mayor, Bob Wasserman, and Councilmember, Bill Harrison. Among other things, AnaSpec discussed opportunities to contribute to the Fremont community in the future.

"AnaSpec is excited to be part of the Fremont community, " noted Dr. Anita Hong, "and we have been very pleased with the hospitality that the City of Fremont has extended to us. We look forward to finding ways for AnaSpec to make a positive impact on the city."

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