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2012 Boulder Peptide Symposium

AnaSpec, EGT and Kaneka cordially invite you to the 2012 Boulder Peptide Symposium in Boulder, Colorado on September 26 to 28, 2012. We look forward to seeing you there.

Who should attend?
The Boulder Peptide Symposium seeks to bring together key decision leaders from both industry and academia to discuss the future of peptide therapeutics. Peptide therapeutics are potent and highly selective yet their development into effective treatments can be challenged by limited delivery routes, product stability, manufacturing challenges and an evolving regulatory landscape. BPS is the key forum where these challenges will be identified, discussed, and one day—addressed.

Event Calender
Sept 26 Peptide Showcase
Short presentations from companies developing new peptides or related technologies.

Networking Reception
Sept 27 Session I - Peptides in the Clinic
Updates on development programs for therapeutic peptides

Session II - Peptide Drug Delivery and Formulation
Presentations on improving half-life, oral and parenteral delivery systems and interesting peptide formulation challenges

Gala Dinner

Sept 28 Session III - Advances in Peptide Chemistry and Analytics
Highlights of recent advances in peptide synthetic methods and analytical techniques

Farewell Reception

For more information about 2012 Boulder Peptide Symposium, click here.

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