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Hydrocarbon Stapled

  • Inhibition of Nutlin-Resistant HDM2 Mutants by Stapled Peptides

    SJ Wei, T Joseph, S Chee, L Li, L Yurlova, K Zolghadr, et al. - PloS one, 2013 - PLOS
    ... of a covalent linkage bridging adjacent turns of an alpha helical peptide (the “staple”), can pre ... Stapling increases affinity by reducing the entropic cost of binding, imparts proteolytic stability ... The stapled peptides PM2, PM2CON and MO11 (>90% purity) were from AnaSpec (USA ...

  • Membrane Permeability of Hydrocarbon-Cross-Linked Peptides

    TL Sun, Y Sun, CC Lee, HW Huang - Biophysical journal, 2013 - Elsevier
    ... Pro - NH 2 (with special cyclization to get double bond, X = (S) - alpha - (2′- pentenyl)alanine; FITC = fluorescein isothiocyanate) synthesized by AnaSpec (Fremont, CA). ... Figure 1. The sequence of CAI and, in the box, the synthesis of NYAD-1 and FITC-NYAD-1(also called ...



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