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New Stapled and Azide & Alkyne Building Blocks

Twenty one (21) new Fmoc amino acids (Glycine and Alanine derivatives) for synthesis of Stapled peptides and seven (7) Azide and Alkyne containing amino acids were recently introduced by AnaSpec. These unusual amino acids, SPPS compatible, are available in 5 convenient sizes 100 mg, 500 mg, 1 g, 5 g and 10 g.

(R)-N-Fmoc-allyl-glycine (R)-N-Fmoc-2-(7'-octenyl)glycine (2S)-N-Fmoc-6-azido-hexanoic acid (S)-N-Fmoc-2-(4'-azidobutyl)alanine

To view the entire list of Stapled Peptides building blocks, please click here; for Azide and Alkyne containing amino acids, click here.

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