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SensoLyte 520 Cathepsin B Latest Citation

"Identification of a broad-spectrum antiviral small molecule against severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus and Ebola, Hendra, and Nipah viruses by using a novel high-throughput screening assay." is the latest paper citing the use of SensoLyte® 520 Cathepsin B Activity Assay Kit. The paper was reported by Elshabrawy, HA. et al. and published in the Journal of Virology on April, 2014.

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AnaSpec’s SensoLyte® 520 Cathepsin B Activity Assay Kit is a FRET-based assay for measurement of Cathepsin B activity. In the intact FRET peptide, the fluorescence of HiLyte™ Fluor 488 is quenched by QXL® 520. Upon cleavage of the FRET peptide by active Cathepsin B, the increase of fluorescence can be continuously monitored at excitation/emission = 490 nm/520 nm. With superior fluorescence quantum yield and longer emission wavelength, the QXL® 520/HiLyte™ Fluor 488 based FRET peptide has less interference from the autofluorescence of test compounds and cellular components, thus providing better assay sensitivity. The kit can be used to detect the activity of Cathepsin B enzyme in biological samples and purified enzyme preparations.

The kit contains:
• QXL® 520/HiLyte™ Fluor 488-based FRET peptide substrate (Ex/Em=490/520 nm upon cleavage)
• Assay buffer
• Human liver Cathepsin B
• Inhibitor
• Fluorescence reference standard for calibration
• A detailed protocol

Kit size: 100 assays (96-well plate)

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