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Heavy Isotope Peptide Publication

Absolute quantitation of host cell proteins in recombinant human monoclonal antibodies with an automated CZE‐ESI‐MS/MS system, a short communication by Guijie Zhu, et al. reported the use of three heavy (stable) isotope labeled peptides made by AnaSpec. This report appeared in the journal Electrophoresis May, 2014 issue. To read the abstract, please click here.

About AnaSpec's ClearPoint™ (heavy isotope labeled) peptide custom service
AnaSpec’s ClearPoint™ peptides offer a choice of heavy hydrogen (2H), carbon (13C), or nitrogen (15N)-isotopes specifically labeled at single, multiple or universal positions. With triple-stage validation (both mass spec & HPLC) and over 14 years of successful synthesis, ClearPoint™ peptides are the proven solution for optimum quality heavy isotope labeled peptides.

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