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SBS 2007 - Poster Presented

At the 2007 annual conference of the Society for Biomolecular Sciences, AnaSpec presented a technical poster that documented the sensitivity of its new SensoLyteTM renin assay kits utilizing FRET peptide substrates. The poster documented the following conclusions:

  • AnaSpec's development of a pair of sensitive renin activity assay kits including an ultra-sensitive renin assay based on a QXLTM 520/5-FAM FRET substrate.
  • Assay with QXLTM 520/5-FAM substrate was approximately 40 fold more sensitive than an existing assay which uses an EDANS/DABCYL FRET substrate and 10 fold more sensitive than the Dnp/Amp based assay.
  • The longer excitation and emission wavelengths 5-FAM minimize the interference from the autofluorescence of test compounds.
  • The newly developed assays can be used to detect renin activity and can be applied to the high throughput screening of renin inhibitors.

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