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Beta-Secretase Assay Poster - EB2007

At the 2007 Experimental Biology conference, AnaSpec presented a technical poster entitled "A Sensitive Fluorimetric Assay for Detection of b-Secretase Activity Using a Novel FRET Peptide Substrate".

The conclusions of the poster were as follows:

  • We have developed a highly sensitive SensoLyte™ 520 b-secretase assay kit based on a HiLyte Fluor™ 488/QXL™ 520 FRET substrate.
  • The longer excitation and emission wavelengths of HiLyte Fluor™488 minimize the interference from autofluorescence and absorbance of test compounds.
  • This SensoLyte™ 520 b-secretase assay kit is capable of continuous, homogeneous monitoring of the enzymatic reaction.
  • IC50 value for an inhibitor determined with SensoLyte™ 520 b-secretase assay kit were consistent with published data.

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