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NEW Smart Search BETA - August 29, 2007

In response to customer feedback, AnaSpec has introduced Smart Search, an optimized site search engine for locating items in AnaSpec’s catalog. Powered by Nextopia, AnaSpec's Smart Search provides a faster, smarter, and more comprehensive search experience for AnaSpec customers.

Faster Previously, all search queries shared processing power with AnaSpec’s website server. Hosted on its own separate server, searches performed on the new Smart Search engine return results faster. Search results are limited to 20 per page which further speeds up the search process.

Smarter The previous search engine returned a list of all results that matched the search word without any refinement options. Now users have the ability to narrow their searches by Product Line and Category, as well as sort results by Relevance or Name.

More Comprehensive Where the previous search tool was limited in the type of data that it searched, the new Smart Search interface automatically searches all data fields. Matches on name, peptide sequence, CAS#, catalog#, and more, are all included in the search.

AnaSpec possesses one of the world’s most comprehensive collections of peptides, detection reagents, and combinatorial chemistry products. The new Smart Search engine makes finding the product you want considerably more convenient.

During the beta testing stage of the search, please send any feedback to

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