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AnaSpec Partners with Dr. David Ho

The world-renown AIDS researcher, Dr. David Ho, has selected AnaSpec as his peptide partner in his research on SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) virus. The SARS virus was first discovered in southern China and now found in 30 countries, infecting over 7,500 people with nearly 600 deaths (as of May 14, 2003). In the beginning of May, AnaSpec synthesized several peptides for David Ho. After reviewing the genome of the SARS virus, Dr. Ho and his team found a DNA sequence similar to the one which encodes for a protein that helps HIV infect human cells. The protein pulls together the cell membrane and the virus membrane, allowing the fusion to occur and the virus replication to proceed. Dr. Ho postulated that his team can design peptides to inhibit this binding process in the similar manner that the HIV drug Fuzeon works. AnaSpec synthesized 12 SARS peptides in very timely fashion to test Dr. Ho's hypothesis. From early studies, researchers found that two of the 12 peptides were very effective against the SARS virus, approaching the in vitro efficacy of Fuzeon, while three others showed promising results, too. AnaSpec is currently refining those SARS peptides as well as synthesizing new ones. For more information about AnaSpec's custom peptide synthesis services, please contact *Some information taken from The Wall Street Journal 5/13/03.

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