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RayBiotech Signs Licensing Agreement for HiLyte™ Dyes - September 9, 2008

AnaSpec and RayBiotech today announced a licensing agreement that will allow RayBiotech to label antibodies with AnaSpec HiLytePlus™ and HiLyte™ Fluor dyes and integrate into protein and antibody arrays. HiLytePlus™ and HiLyte™ Fluor are AnaSpec's proprietary series of high performance fluorescent dyes optimized for long wavelength biomarker labeling.

"RayBiotech is a respected provider of innovative products for life science research," noted Dr. Anita Hong, AnaSpec's president. "In collaboration with RayBiotech, we are pleased to extend the performance advantages of our HiLyte™ dyes to a broader spectrum of researchers."

"Knowing the full spectrum of fluorescent dye options available, we have incorporated the HiLytePlus™ and HiLyte™ Fluor series of fluorescent dyes into our antibodies, protein and antibody arrays," stated Dr. Ray (Ruo-Pan) Huang, Ray Biotech’s president. "We are pleased to work with AnaSpec to add the additional value of high-performance labeling options and detection method to our customers."

About RayBiotech

RayBiotech is committed to developing innovative and reliable technologies for the post-genomic age. Its mission is to provide cutting edge proteomics tools for the advancement of basic and clinical research, the development of better patient diagnostics, and the facilitation of drug and biomarker discovery.

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