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Cyclex and AnaSpec Sign Licensing Agreement for Deacetylase Activity Assay Kits - September 10, 2008

AnaSpec and Cyclex Co. Ltd. today announced a licensing agreement that will allow AnaSpec to make, use, and sell deacetylase activity assay kits and the related products as covered by Cyclex’s patent # ‘s EP 1243658, US 7033778, US 7256013.

"We are pleased to partner with Cyclex in expanding our array of next generation assay kits," noted Dr. Anita Hong, AnaSpec's president. "The new SensoLyte™ HDAC assay kits will provide our customers with new long wavelength options for the detection of histone deacetylase activity. AnaSpec also plans to develop other long wavelength HDAC related kits including SIRT assay kits."

About Cyclex Co. Ltd.

Cyclex Co. Ltd., based in Japan, focuses on the development of drug screening systems, the development of research use products (Kit, Antibody, Enzyme etc.), and research for novel genes for drug discovery.

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