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Best New Product Award - March 25, 2009

AnaSpec’s ClearPoint™ Peptides were awarded the Best New Product Award in the category of Biological Samples and Reagents at Cambridge Healthtech Institute's Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference which was held in San Francisco, CA from February 25-27.

By spiking protein tryptic digests with internal heavy isotope labeled peptide standards, Mass Spectrometry becomes an absolute quantitation (AQUA) method. With a choice of heavy hydrogen (2H), carbon (13C), or nitrogen (15N)-isotopes specifically labeled at single, multiple or universal positions, ClearPoint™ peptides are an ideal solution for absolute protein quantitation.

President, Dr. Anita Hong, noted, “AnaSpec continues to push itself to be at the forefront of peptide technology. We are honored to be recognized for our achievements in this area.”

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