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Fluorescent Dyes  >  Enzyme Detection Reagents  >>  Collagen (Type IV), FAM conjugated

Product Name Collagen (Type IV), FAM conjugated
Size 1 mg
Catalog # AS-85112
US$ $339

In this protease substrate, collagen is heavily labeled with a fluorescein derivative, resulting in almost total quenching of the conjugate's fluorescence. Protease-catalyzed hydrolysis relieves this quenching conjugate, yielding brightly green fluorescent dye-labeled peptides. The increase in fluorescence intensity is directly proportional to protease activity. Collagen, Type IV should be particularly useful in the development of HTS assays for screening Gelatinase A (MMP-2) and Gelatinase A inhibitors, as well as for other gelatinases and collagenases that specifically degrade (Type IV) Collagen. Additionally, lightly fluorescein-labeled collagen may be useful for continuous assays monitored by fluorescence polarization.

Detailed Information Datasheet
Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
Storage -20C desiccated and protected from light
References Ref: Sela MN, et al. (2003). Enzymatic degradation of collagen-guided tissue regeneration membranes by periodontal bacteria. Clin Oral Implants Res 14, 263-8.; Kraft PJ, et al. (2001). Fluorescence polarization assay and SDS-PAGE confirms matrilysin degrades fibronectin and collagen IV whereas gelatinase A degrades collagen IV but not fibronectin. Connect Tissue Res 42, 149-63; Otsuka K, et al. (1997). An improved assay method for fibroblast gelatinolytic enzyme. J Nihon Univ Sch Dent 39, 182-90.
Molecular Weight N/D
Spectral Properties Abs/Em = 492/515 nm
Solvent System Water insoluble
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