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Fluorescent Dyes  >  Enzyme Detection Reagents  >>  Dihydrorhodamine 123

Product Name Dihydrorhodamine 123
Size 10 mg
Catalog # AS-85711
US$ $93

Generic substrate for fluorimetric detection of oxidases (including peroxidase) in mitochondria

Detailed Information Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
Storage -20C desiccated and protected from light
References 1. Donato MT, et al. (2004). Drug Metab Dispos 32, 699-706.
2. Liu J, et al. (2004). Arch Biochem Biophys 424, 33-43.
3. Chougnet A, et al. (2003). Bioorg Med Chem Lett 13, 3643-5.
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8. Kobayashi Y, et al. (1998). Biochemistry 37, 6679-88.
Molecular Weight 346.379
Molecular Formula C21H18N2O3
Spectral Properties Abs/Em = 507/529 nm
Solvent System DMSO
Product Citations Chalam, K. et al. (2011). Evaluation of choroidal endothelial cell proliferation after exposure to varying doses of proton beam radiation. Retina 31, 169.

Balaiya, S. et al. (2010). Evaluation of ultraviolet light toxicity on cultured retinal pigment epithelial and retinal ganglion cells. Clin Ophthalmol 4, 33.
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