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Assay Kits  >  MMP Assay Kits  >>  SensoLyte ® Plus 520 MMP-13 Assay Kit *Fluorimetric and Enhanced Selectivity*

Product Name SensoLyte ® Plus 520 MMP - 13 Assay Kit *Fluorimetric and Enhanced Selectivity*
Size 1 kit
Catalog # AS-72019
US$ $589

The SensoLyte® Plus 520 MMP-13 Assay Kit is designed for specifically detecting MMP-13 activity in biological samples which may contain multiple MMPs, such as culture medium, serum, plasma, synovial fluid, and tissue homogenate. A specific anti-MMP-13 monoclonal antibody is used in combination with a MMP fluorogenic substrate, 5-FAM/QXL®520 FRET peptide. The fluorescence signal is monitored at Ex/Em=490 nm/520 nm upon MMP-13-induced cleavage of the FRET substrate. Ample materials are provided to perform 96 assays in a 96-well format.

Detailed Information Datasheet
Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
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