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Peptides  >  Antimicrobial and Related Peptides  >>  Magainin 1

Product Name Magainin 1
Size 1 mg
Catalog # AS-20792
US$ $143
Purity % Peak Area By HPLC ≥ 95%

Magainins are peptide antibiotics with antibacterial and antiparasitic activities, originally extracted from the skin of Xenopus laevis. Magainin 1 and 2 are closely related peptides of 23 amino acids each and differ by two substitutions. These antimicrobial peptides have broad-spectrum, non-specific activity against a wide range of micro-organisms, including viruses, gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, protozoa, yeasts and fungi, and may also be hemolytic and cytotoxic to cancer cells. Magainin 1 is a bactericide. Both Magainin 1 and 2 exhibit inhibitory action toward Herpes simplex virus type 1(HSV-1) and HSV-2.

Detailed Information Datasheet
Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
Storage -20C
References Williams, RW. et al. Biophysical J. 53, 631A (1988); Morvan, A. et al. Mol. Mar. Biol. Biotechnol. 3, 327 (1994); Matanic, A. et al. Int. J. Antimicrob Agents 23, 382 (2004); Zasloff, M. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. 84, 5449 (1987).
Molecular Weight 2409.9
(One-Letter Code)
(Three-Letter Code)
H - Gly - Ile - Gly - Lys - Phe - Leu - His - Ser - Ala - Gly - Lys - Phe - Gly - Lys - Ala - Phe - Val - Gly - Glu - Ile - Met - Lys - Ser - OH
Product Citations Dixon, DR. et al. (2009). Antimicrobial peptide inhibition of Porphyromonas gingivalis 381-induced hemagglutination is improved with a synthetic decapeptide. Peptides 30, 2161.

Leung, P. et al. (2009). Antimicrobial Peptides for Plaque Control. Advances in Dental Research 21, 57.

Novik, V. et al. (2009). Characterization of a Campylobacter jejuni VirK protein homolog as a novel vVirulence determinant. Infect Immun 77, 5428. doi: 10.1128/​IAI.00528-09.

Kulagina, NV. et al. (2007). Antimicrobial peptides as new recognition molecules for screening challenging species. Sens Actuators B Chem 121, 150.

Kulagina, N. et al. (2005). Antimicrobial Peptides for Detection of Bacteria in Biosensor Assays. Anal Chem 77, 6504.
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