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Peptides  >  Fibronectin Fragments  >>  Cyclo (-RGDfK)

Product Name Cyclo ( - RGDfK)
Cyclo( - RGDfK)
Size 1 mg
Catalog # AS-61111
US$ $93
Purity % Peak Area By HPLC ≥ 95%

In one study where this peptide was labeled with 125I, it was found to bind specifically and with high affinity to αvβ3 receptors on neovascular blood vessel sections of different major human cancers. The integrin alpha(IIb)beta(3)-specific cyclic hexapeptide contains an Arg-Gly-Asp (RGD) sequence.

Detailed Information Datasheet
Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
Storage -20C
References Van Hagen, PM. et al. Int. J. Cancer 90, 186 (2000); Hu, B. et al. Biochem. 39, 2284 (2000).
Molecular Weight 603.7
(One-Letter Code)
(Three-Letter Code)
Cyclo( - Arg - Gly - Asp - D - Phe - Lys)
Product Citations Guan, F. et al. (2011). Sequence elucidation of an unknown cyclic peptide of high doping potential by ETD and CID tandem mass spectrometry. J Am Soc Mass Spectrom 22, 718.

Paletta, J. et al. (2010). RGD-functionalisation of PLLA nanofibers by surface coupling using plasma treatment: influence on stem cell differentiation. J Mater Sci: Mater in Med 21, 1363.

Xiong, X. et al. (2010). The therapeutic response to multifunctional polymeric nano-conjugates in the targeted cellular and subcellular delivery of doxorubicin. Biomater 31, 757.

Zako, T. et al. (2009). Cyclic RGD peptide-labeled upconversion nanophosphors for tumor cell-targeted imaging. Biochem Biophys Res Commun 381, 54.

Borgman, M. et al. (2008). Tumor-targeted HPMA copolymer-(RGDfK)-(CHX-A″-DTPA) conjugates show increased kidney accumulation. J Controlled Release 132, 193.
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