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Amino Acids  >  Synthesis Reagents, Resins & Accessories  >  Synthesis Reagents  >  Labeling Reagents  >>  5(6)-TAMRA, Special Formulation

Product Name 5(6) - TAMRA, Special Formulation
[5 - (and - 6) - Carboxytetramethylrhodamine]
Size 25 mg
Catalog # AS-81120
US$ $28

5(6)-TAMRA is the mixture of two carboxy tetramethylrhodamine (TMR) isomers. It is used to modify amino and hydroxy groups using EDC-mediated couplings when there are difficulties in using 5(6)-TAMRA, SE. TAMRA is one of the most popular fluorophores used in various bioconjugations.

Detailed Information Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
Storage -20C desiccated and protected from light
References 1. Evans NA, et al. J Neurochem 77, 476-85; (2001).
2. Hess KL, et al. Cytometry 27, 145-52; (1997).
Molecular Weight 430.45 (Free Acid)
Molecular Formula C25H22N2O5
Spectral Properties Abs/Em = 541/565 nm
Solvent System DMF or DMSO
Product Citations Du, Y. et al. (2006). Monitoring 14-3-3 Protein Interactions with a Homogeneous Fluorescence Polarization Assay. J Biomol Screen 11, 269.
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