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Assay Kits  >  Peroxidase Assay Kits  >>  SensoLyte ® ADHP Hydrogen Peroxide Assay Kit *Fluorimetric*

Product Name SensoLyte ® ADHP Hydrogen Peroxide Assay Kit *Fluorimetric*
Size 1 kit
Catalog # AS-71112
US$ $200

Hydrogen peroxide is involved in a number of biological events, in particular, free radical-induced biochemical reactions. SensoLyte® ADHP Hydrogen Peroxide Assay Kit uses highly purified ADHP to quantify hydrogen peroxide in solutions, in cell extracts and in live cells. It can also be used to detect a variety of oxidase activities through enzyme-coupled reactions.

The kit contains: ADHP phosphatase substrate (Ex/Em=573/590 nm upon oxidation), Calibration standard, Reaction buffer, Stop buffer, An optimized ‘mix and read’ assay protocol that is compatible with HTS liquid handling instruments.

Kit size: 500 assays

Detailed Information Datasheet
Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
Storage -20°C
Product Citations Gong, H. et al. (2014). Evidence of a common mechanism of disassembly of adherens junctions through Gα13 targeting of VE-cadherin. J Exp Med 211, 579. doi: 10.1084/jem.20131190
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