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Peptides  >  Amyloid Peptides  >  Other Amyloid Related Peptides  >>  Amyloid-Forming Peptide GNNQQNY

Product Name Amyloid - Forming Peptide GNNQQNY
Size 1 mg
Catalog # AS-62762
US$ $66
Purity % Peak Area By HPLC ≥ 95%

This is a heptapeptide from the N-terminal prion-determining domain of the yeast protein Sup35 that forms amyloid fibrils. The availability of its detailed atomic oligomeric structure makes it a good model for studying the early stage of aggregation. The GNNQQNY dimer forms three stable sheet structures. in-register parallel, off-register parallel, and anti-parallel. The in-register parallel dimer, which is close to the amyloid beta-sheet structure, has few interpeptide hydrogen bonds, making hydrophobic interactions more important and increasing the conformational entropy compared to the anti-parallel sheet.

Detailed Information Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
Storage -20C
References Strodel, B. et al. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 129, 16005 (2007); Zhang, Z. et al. Biophys. J. 93, 1484 (2007); Zheng, J. et al. Biophys. J. 91, 824 (2006).
Molecular Weight 836.8
(One-Letter Code)
(Three-Letter Code)
H - Gly - Asn - Asn - Gln - Gln - Asn - Tyr - OH
Product Citations Nelson, R. et al. (2005). Structure of the cross-β spine of amyloid-like fibrils. Nature 435, 773.
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