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Assay Kits  >  Plasminogen Activator Assay Kits  >>  SensoLyte ® AMC tPA Activity Assay Kit *Fluorimetric*

Product Name SensoLyte ® AMC tPA Activity Assay Kit *Fluorimetric*
Size 1 kit
Catalog # AS-72160
US$ $456

Tissue-type plasminogen activator (tPA) is a serine protease that cleaves pro-enzyme plasminogen into active plasmin. It has been recognized that tPA play important roles in various physiological and pathological processes. In plasma, it functions as a thrombolytic enzyme and can be used for treatment of ischemic stroke. In the central nervous system, tPA promotes events associated with synaptic plasticity and cell death in a number of settings, such as cerebral ischemia and seizures.

The SensoLyteŽ AMC tPA Activity Assay Kit is optimized for assaying tPA enzyme activities. This kit contains a fluorogenic substrate with a high reactivity and low background. tPA cleaves the substrate resulting in release of AMC (7-amino-4-methylcoumarin) fluorophore. Fluorescence can be monitored at excitation /emission= 354/442 nm. This kit can be used for high throughput screening of tPA inducers and inhibitors.

Kit size: 100 assays.

Detailed Information Datasheet
Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
Product Citations Ambadapadi, S. et al. (2015) Reactive Center Loop (RCL) peptides derived from serpins display independent coagulation and immune modulating activities J. Biol. Chem. 291 2874-2887 doi: 10.1074/jbc.M115.704841

Rodier, M. et al. (2014). Exogenous t-PA administration increases hippocampal mature BDNF levels. Plasmin-or NMDA-dependent mechanism? PloS one 9, e92416.
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