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Antibodies  >  OptimAb Antibodies  >>  OptimAbᵀᴹ HA.11 , Monoclonal Antibody, FITCLabeled

Product Name OptimAbᵀᴹ HA.11 , Monoclonal Antibody, FITCLabeled
Clone: 16B12; Host: Mouse, Monoclonal Antibody
Size 50 g/50 L
Catalog # FITC-101L-050
US$ $282

The HA.11 antibody recognizes the influenza hemagglutinin (HA) epitope (YPYDVPDYA), corresponding to amino acids 98-106 of the human influenza hemagglutinin surface glycoprotein. This sequence has been used extensively as a general epitope tag in expression vectors. The extreme specificity of the antibody allows unambiguous identification and quantitative analysis of HA-tagged proteins. The HA.11 antibody recognizes HA epitopes located in the middle of protein sequences as well as at the N- or C-terminus.
FITC: ex=490 / em=525nm

Clone: 16B12
Isotype: IgG1,k
Reactivity: HA.11 Tag (YPYDVPDYA)
Immunogen: HA.11 was raised against the peptide CYPYDVPDYASL
Concentration:1 mg/mL
Formulation:PBS + 50% Glycerol + 0.03% Thimerosal; The Ab was purified on Protein G and conjugated to FITC
Applications:The Ab is effective in immunoblotting (WB), immunofluorescence (IF) and immunoprecipitation (IP) of tagged proteins.
Working Dilutions:WB: 1/500

Detailed Information Datasheet
Storage 4C
References 1, Helliwell SB et al. (2001) J. Cell. Biol. 153(4): 649-662.
2, Bennett BD et al. (2000) J. Biol. Chem. 275(48) :37712-37717.
3, Kolodziej P & Young R (1991) Meth. Enzymol. 194: 508-519.
4, Field J et al. (1988) Mol. Cell. Biol. 8: 2159-2165.
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