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Fluorescence is a technology that is now used routinely in life science research. Fluorescence reagents are used extensively to trace the presence of biomolecules in cells and other biological systems. The great advancement of fluorescence reagents has promoted a host of more complex fluorescence technologies such as fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET), time-resolved fluorescence (TRF), fluorescence polarization (FP), fluorescence recovery after photobleaching (FRAP), fluorescence activated cell sorting (FACS) and fluorescence correlation spectroscopy (FCS) etc. Excitation and emission wavelength, fluorescence quantum yield, fluorescence lifetime, size, photostability and biological functionality are important factors to be considered in selection of a desired fluorescent probe for your applications.
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7 - Amino - 4 - methylcoumarin
1 g AS-23482 $39
7 - Amino - 4 - methylcoumarin
5 g AS-23483 $143
AnaStandardᵀᴹ Fluorescence Assay Calibration Kit *Full Spectrum* 1 kit AS-80605 $627
[(trans,trans) - 1 - Bromo - 2,5 - bis - (3 - hydroxycarbonyl - 4 - hydroxy)styrylbenzene]
5 mg AS-88300 $121
Congo Red *UltraPure Grade* 1 g AS-83016 $66
Fluorescein *Fluorescence Reference Standard* 1 g AS-80001 $66
Quinine sulfate Dihydrate *Fluorescence Reference Standard 100 mg AS-80040 $66
Thioflavin T *UltraPure Grade* 1 g AS-88306 $66
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