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Peroxidases, in particular, HRP (horseradish peroxidase), are important enzymes for both histochemistry and ELISAs since they generally have excellent stability and low molecular weight. Although there are many good chromogenic and luminogenic substrates for detecting HRP, there are very few fluorogenic peroxidase substrates used for peroxidase detection. Fluorogenic peroxidase substrates such as dihydrofluoresceins (also known as fluoresceins), dihydrorhodamines and dihydroethidium (hydroethidine) are converted to highly fluorescent products in the presence of the enzyme and hydrogen peroxide. However, these dihydro compounds are not stable due to auto oxidation by air.

AnaSpec offers the highest purity of 10-acetyl-3,7-dihydroxyphenoxazine (ADHP), a substrate that is considered to be the most stable and sensitive fluorogenic substrate for the detection of HRP.
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SensoLyte ® ADHP Hydrogen Peroxide Assay Kit *Fluorimetric* 1 kit AS-71112 $200
SensoLyte ® ADHP Peroxidase Assay Kit *Fluorimetric* 1 kit AS-71111 $200
SensoLyte ® Luminescent Peroxidase Assay Kit *Luminometric* 1 kit AS-72127 $339
SensoLyte ® Luminescent Peroxidase ELISA Assay Kit *Luminometric* 1 kit AS-72128 $339
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