Assay Development

AnaSpec provides custom assay development services to customers worldwide, including diagnostic, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical companies as well as academic researchers. AnaSpec's scientists have extensive experience in synthesizing biological stains and bioconjugates. In addition, AnaSpec's scientists can work with you to develop assays to meet your specific manufacturing and research needs. Listed below are the different custom assay development services we offer. Complete confidentiality of all orders is assured.

Fluorescent dyes/Custom conjugation and synthesis

Assay Development & Screening Service

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For entering peptide sequences, please use three-letter amino acid codes starting with the N-terminus and ending with the C-terminus; the ends of the sequence should be labeled with H- for N-terminal amine and -OH or -NH2 for C-terminal acid or amide. For substitutions on the peptide, please use standard chemical abbreviations provided.

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